Over the last year, many individuals have become involved in the community. Numerous residents have written letters to the editor, engaged in discussions on social media, spoken during public comment at town meetings, and debated with a friend here and there. The people of East Greenwich need another place to engage in healthy discourse.

With a focus on opinion, East Greenwich Hodgepodge is a new blog run by the community. All residents, students, town employees, and others are welcome to contribute commentary relating to East Greenwich.

East Greenwich Hodgepodge exists to promote civic involvement. We encourage individuals to become involved and share their voices. Whether you want to share a few words or a few pages, this is the place for you.

East Greenwich Hodgepodge aims to support a healthy community. We believe disagreements are important in society. On EGHP, arguments (not fights) within posts and comments are encouraged. It is important to keep an open mind and learn from other people’s ideas and opinions. EGHP will not tolerate inappropriate or insensitive discourse.

East Greenwich Hodgepodge would also like to note that we are a unique outlet. We applaud the work of East Greenwich News, East Greenwich Pendulum, and East Greenwich Patch, and we hope to not take any attention away from them. We seek different goals, and we hope to provide a different experience.

We aspire to enhance and build upon the media in East Greenwich which is vital to democracy.

Created by Anthony Soscia (EGHS Alumnus/Resident) and Abby White (EGHS Junior).


To get involved with East Greenwich Hodgepodge please visit the Submit page.